Our Mission

To heal the broken hearts of those in our care as we educate, guide and counsel; sharing our life experience, our strength and our hope.

Our Vision

A non-profit Christ centered residential home that provides an environment where hurting young women can experience unconditional love, acceptance and restoration of broken relationships.

Our Prayer

We will love with a selfless love that doesn't give up but is patient, kind and generous even when it's difficult to love.

Welcome to House of Healing, Inc.

A Not For Profit Organization

Each day, teen girls in America commit suicide, are arrested for drug crimes, are confirmed abused or neglected, drop out of high school, are arrested, and are suspended from school. And yet, success is on the horizon.

With your help, we can build House of Healing to assist disadvantaged teen girls with our unconditional love, acceptance, and Christian guidance to change the course of their lives forever.

Our mind/body/spirit approach to counseling can put the girls back on the path to a healthy, prosperous future.

At House of Healing, we’ve answered the call. Whatever the hurt, House of Healing can help.

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